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Meet the Founder

Hi, my name is Scott Kaplan and I am the founder of CloudBuddy.

My motivation for creating CloudBuddy
Have you ever lost an important file? We did. In the past, my wife used to make regular updates to a medical file for our
child. One day my wife opened the file only to discover that it was blank. How could this be? Worry didn't start to set in until a
restore of the backup was also blank along with all of the previously stored versions. This was in the days when Windows XP
was a popular operating system and Windows Backup was the way to backup files on a Windows box. I had even restored
the file successfully in the past, but on this unfortunate day the file and all of the previous versions were blank. Something
needed to change. I needed a more reliable and simpler way to backup and restore a file. Wouldn't it be great if I could just
open a terminal and use sftp to do this?
Contact Info
You can reach me at:
voice mail: 651-203-7092